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Financial Programs & Incentives are Available to New & Expanding Businesses.

Business-IncentivesFaçade Rehabilitation & Business Incentive Program
The purpose of the Joliet City Center Partnership’s Façade Rehabilitation and Small Business Incentive Program is to provide small business and property owners with financial assistance to succeed in today’s marketplace. Local business increases local character, prosperity, and community well-being; keeps jobs, wages, and dollars in the local economy; encourages entrepreneurs; sustains the environment through increased walkability; and allows for product diversity and competition. Likewise, Joliet City Center Partnership wishes to strengthen the downtown core commercial district by encouraging the reuse of existing buildings and sensitive infill design. Projects that involve historic rehabilitation will be reviewed to ensure that the architectural integrity of the building is retained and that every reasonable effort is made to preserve the building’s distinguishing stylistic features.

[This program is currently being updated and applications are closed until further notice.]


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