The Joliet Downtown Plan seeks to provide a “roadmap” for the improvement of downtown Joliet. ‘Downtown Joliet is a truly unique place with a paradox of tremendous assets along with a numberstubborn challenges to overcome. The assets include a rich heritage, strong architectural character, regionally significant uses, major entertainment and cultural attractions, and a strong rail and bus transportation network. Downtown Joliet has a very successful special events program, directed by the Joliet City Center Partnership, which draws thousands of visitors for events scattered throughout the year. Downtown Joliet is an urban place, with a size, scale and character of a city, not a suburb. Downtown Joliet can be very successful as a satellite urban center for the southwest suburban region, including portions of “downstate” Illinois.

Joliet Downtown Plan

Downtown Revitalization

The Joliet City Center is dedicated in working to revitalize the Downtown Joliet Area, in order to enhance our sense of community while maintaining the historical landmarks that hold so much history behind the Downtown Joliet area.

Concentrating on:

  • Riverfront development
  • Expanding local economy
  • Extension of Downtown TIF District

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